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Welcome to my personal portfolio site. I’m a marketing professional who started off as an agricultural engineer. I’d spent over a decade selling farm machinery such as tractors, power tillers, irrigation pumps, and more. However, during the last five years, I’ve developed a strong interest in article writing and the digital marketing industry, and my interests have shifted accordingly. I’ve worked my way up to become a full-fledged article writer.


I don’t consider myself very experienced. I am still a vivid learner.

I started my career as a content writer back at end of 2017, just after I leave my marketing job at ACI. I leave my job because that time I saw a huge opportunity in the digital marketing world and still I didn’t catch all the fish.

Well, I was a weird individual (still am)

I got into a freelancing institution and got the basics of freelancing. I mainly learned SEO and affiliate marketing there. During doing that course my mentor discovered me as a potential article writer and my journey toward article writing began. And then, I started my content writing career on Fiverr.

Journey Of My Carrer & Education

  • Aug 2004 – I got my bachelor’s degree in B.Sc. in Agricultural Engineering from BAU, Mymensingh
  • Aug 2005 – I’ve joined Square Food And Beverage Company as an Executive in Radhuni Production Department
  • Jul 2007 – Achieved a master’s degree in M.S in Farm Power & Machinery from BAU, Mymensingh
  • Sep 2007 – Leave Square and joined ACI Motors Limited as an Executive in Marketing Department
  • Apr 2013 – I have completed my studies for a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Southeast University, Dhaka
  • Oct 2017 – Leave ACI Motors and enter into the world of freelancing. At that time I was the General Manager of the marketing department of ACI Motors.
  • Jan 2018 – Started my career as an article writer
  • Jan 2019 – Dipped my toes in the Affiliate Marketing industry

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